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TRAGEDY! Birthday Turns Deathday in Elementary School

Real Parent is the one who helps his children to eradicate their personality defects and imbibe good qualities.

However, today’s parents feel that buying costly clothes and eatables and paying high fees for coaching classes are their only duties. They fail to understand that these things make the children desirous of only worldly pleasures. These pleasures nurture defects in them. So, parents have to introspect whether they are giving true education to their children. It is the duty of parents to help their children to imbibe good qualities and thus, lead a happy life.

Its not so good to see parents lose their fruits after been able to raise them to some certain level in life.This was the case here, where a child claims to be celebrating birthday and brought Biscuits to school to share in class.

The Pupil (name withheld) for some security reasons, according to report brought the biscuits from home as instructed by her parents and thereafter the unfortunate thing happened.

Parents, may we not lose our children and we should always take precautions. Tell your child not to take or collect food of any sort in school, or we should just in fact stop or abolish the celebration of our children's birthday In school.


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