Buhari: I Have Directed Immediate Payment Of Two- Months Cash Transfer Funds

Buhari: I Have Directed Immediate Payment Of Two- Months cash Transfer funds

"For the most powerless in our general public, I have coordinated that the contingent money moves for the following two months be paid right away. Our Internally dislodged people will likewise get two months of nourishment apportions in the coming weeks.

"We additionally approach all Nigerians to assume individual liability to help the individuals who are defenseless inside their networks, helping them with whatever they may require.
He also added that person's who are less previledged will also get their stipends to help in this trail time.

"As we as a whole petition God for the most ideal result, we will keep anticipating all outcomes."

This is a possibility that the people of Nigeria has been waiting for all this while inorder to get this stipends and also comply with the stay in doors command.


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