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Cure for HIV Out: Man, successfully cured of HIV

A man from London has become the second person to be successfully cured of HIV in the latest breakthrough in the fight against the deadly virus.
Even thus, his doctors say, what healed him was not the HIV drugs, but by the stem-cell treatment he had received as a ‘last resort’ to cure his blood cancer.

Tests conducted 30 months after he stopped taking antiretroviral therapy (ARV) have found no trace of the infection in his blood, semen or tissues, his doctors say.

The 40-year-old patient, Adam Castillejo, who is originally from Venezuela has now come out from the shadows following news of his triumph.
Prof Ravindra Gupta, the lead author of the study published in The Lancet HIV journal reported that the new test results indeed confirmed that the patient was successfully cured.

“We’ve tested a sizeable set of sites that HIV likes to hide in and they are all pretty much negative for an active virus.”

He becomes only the second person to be cured of HIV after American Timothy Brown, known as the ‘Berlin Patient’, who recovered from HIV in 2011 after undergoing similar stem cell procedure.

Mr. Castillejo, then only identified as ‘London Patient’ was reported to have been cured of HIV after receiving a bone-marrow transplant to treat life-threatening cancer which he had. The donor carried a mutation that hindered the ability of HIV to enter into cells.


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