I Can Have $€X 6 times a day – Popular Actress Opens Up

In an Exclusive ‘tell it all' interview with Gift Adene of Kemi Filani News, Popular Nollywood actress cum producer, Angel Samuda opened up about her personal life, her relationship, growing up, family and challenges.

Samuda who recently celebrated her birthday with breathtaking yoga themed photos opened up on how often she can meet a man. She further talked about her journey to becoming a producer, her motivation in life and more.

Read the interview below…

How would you describe your childhood?

My childhood is something I can never forget, growing up with a no nonsense dad not only was he strict but taught me the basics of life, how to perceive and go about things, the world, people, environment and life generally, which has molded me into the woman I am today.

Why did you choose acting?

Acting has been my day to day thing right from unset, I am in love with that feeling of being able to play into different characters, that’s my drive. In fact i am acting myself..lol.. it’s something I have always dreamt of and wished for right from childhood but then my dad always nailed on me going to school first. So today seeing myself on the big screen is not only a dream come through. I feel accomplished and pleased with myself.

What challenges are you facing as an actress in Nigeria?

Hmmmmm a lot… But we thank God we don’t look like what we have been through. The movie industry today is man know man or you’re either sleeping with a director, producer or buying roles. Because it’s believe they’re doing you a favor by giving you a role. Your ability to interpret your role really means nothing… Very few look out for these potentials in you.

How do you handle these challenges?

Ehwww where do I start with this one… Okay, back then I always go for auditions and was exposed to a lots of which I wasn’t woman enough to say NO. I was buried in fear. I stopped until I was ready to look you in the face and say no… Any male director or producer I come in contact with wants to take advantage of giving me a role and making me a star to go in-between my legs. To me, it’s a taboo to sleep with them. I saw it as a challenge and said to myself that I will be the first actor/producer that will break through without having to sleep with anybody for a role. I took my first bold step of producing “Harvest of Haterd”. It was more like collaboration with a friend. Gradually till date most of the jobs I feature are mine but a few good directors call me for jobs. I might not be on a fast pace on my career but so far so good, I am not doing. I will never sleep with anyone for a role. I indirectly handle this challenge by being a producer, since acting is what I love doing.

Who is your role model?

No one precisely… So long you’re good at interpreting, carrying and delivering your roles, you have a place in my heart.

Are you in a relationship? With who?

Of course I am or what were you expecting? and whoever it is I guess is not your relationship but mine..lol
I don’t mix my personal life with social media, entertainment and all. I like it private. So stop preying. LOL!

How often do you have sex?

Nna mehnnnnn are you guys for real? okay whenever I am in the mood…be it  six (6) times in a day; starter, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, desert. hahahaha...is my sexing not yours

Davido or Wizkid, whom will you date and why?


Mercy Johnson or Genevieve Nnaji?

Love them both…they beautiful, good, unique in their own different ways

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as a role model, a brand people will look up to

Any words for your fans?

Never give up. Stay focus, be committed and prayerful. Won’t be easy but then hold on. Also fall in love with whatever you’re doing not because someone is doing it but because you love what you’re doing and that will keep you going when the road is rough.


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