I Have Slept With Over 40 Men This Year Alone” – Addict Cries Out For Help

A lady has claimed that a “bring-back-your-lover” charm which she did has turned against her, and now she is a sex addict.

The 33-year-old lady identified as Winile Mngomezulu (33) from Wattville, Ekurhuleni, South Africa , said this year alone she has slept with about 40 men.

When she lost her boyfriend three years ago, she was heartbroken. “I loved him so much I couldn’t see myself loving anyone else,” said Winile.
In January 2018 she turned to a native doctor for help. “I thought this was the golden ticket to getting back the love of my life,” she said. But the charm turned against her. After three months of treatment, she started having strong sexual desires.

She started sleeping with every guy who came near her. “Somehow, I just couldn’t get satisfied.”
She decided to go back to the native doctor, but when she got there he was nowhere to be found. “I panicked and realised I had been tricked. “I’ve slept with multiple men at the same time. “I enjoy it so much. All I want is to be poked, but I’m afraid of getting tested because I don’t even use a condom.”

Winile doesn’t want to be in this position anymore. She’s had enough poking to last her a lifetime. Daily Sun spoke to a native doctor Joseph Dungamanzi, who said this is uncommon but happens. “It becomes a problem when the charm has been in your body for too long. “Winile should come and consult. We’ll see what we can do.”


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