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My Wife is A Public Tap Where Everyone Can Fetch Water, Man Tells Court in Ibadan

A 47 year old man, Taiwo Oyedeji yesterday urged a customary court in Ibadan to dissolve his 17 year old marriage after he accused his wife of cheating on him by having extra-marital affairs with other men when he is not at home.

Mr Oyedeji tells the court that his wife, Mrs Aminat Oyedeji has been cheating on him for a long period of time but it was only recently that he discovered it after he overheard her having conversation with another person while he was in the bathroom.

He accused the wife of becoming a public tap where every thirsty person can fetch water and satisfy his needs. He stated that despite giving her the benefit of doubt for about three months hoping that she’ll change, but Aminat remain adamant and threatens to kill him if he does not stop interfering in her affairs.

However, in her part, Aminat denied the allegation and accused the husband of reversing the issue as he’s the one who’s cheatig on her and she caught him several times with other women.

In his judgement, the chief justice of the coutt, Ademola Odunade agrees to dissolve the marriage on a condition that Oyedeji will be paying a monthly stipend of 10,000 naira to Aminat for feeding their small child.


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