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(PHOTOS) See Another Baby Born With Unique Beautiful Eyes As Family Claimed She’s Cursed

There are some characteristics of the white race that appear on some black people on rare occasions that brings about the possibility of a black person being born with blue eyes.

This is a rare genetic disorder called Waardeburg Syndrome and it comes with varying degrees of deafness, minor body defects and pigmentation changes.

Little Chogtaa from northern Ghana who is just a year and nine months was born with blue eyes and minor hearing loss and for some absurd reasons, the family believes that she is cursed.

Ghanaian model and entrepreneur Afi Antonio met with Chogtaa’s mother at a clinic where the bubbly girl was undergoing checkup for her hearing loss. The mother told Antonio that the condition of her daughter has drawn a lot of negative attention from their family and community, of which they believed Chogtaa was “cursed” as other children in the neighborhood branded her a doll.

Her mum says, 'she remembers a Herbal Doctor telling her once that if one has gonorrhoea while pregnant then the person is bound to  give birth to such a child'. 

Antonio narrated their story on social media while raising funds to support Chogtaa to undergo surgery for her hearing loss. Afi Antonio said she is organising a photoshoot with the little blue-eyed girl whom she is grooming to be a model.

“Waardenburg syndrome is not a curse, there are thousands of people living with this condition all over the world. Let’s take some time to read about it and help educate other mothers and families who might not be aware of its existence,” she advised.

Waardenburg Syndrome affects 1 in every 40,000 children  all over the world. While some comes with no side effects, others has varying degrees of side effect, but it's really not terminal.


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