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This Man Does Not Have Manhood, Yet He Got Married and Has Children

Fredrick ochieng misiga, a Kenya man actually got married, but unfortunately, his wife died a day after giving birth to his child. This is  According to UntoldStories that interviewed him. 

He said he wasn't born without a private part because he has an issue before the whole thing started. He told UntoldStories that it all started as a small injury, which was itching him. Then, from itching, it began to swell up and got busted with purse coming out every now and then. Now the whole private part has been eaten up as a result of this strange affliction, leaving him with just holes down there.

He went to the hospital, doctors said it was a form of CANCER. Note: Not really cancer; a form of cancer. When your village people start to dey follow, the whole thing will peach it's tent with just any thing, and eventually, nothing will be discovered. Village People!!! I hail oooo!!!

He went for treatment but after a month he was getting worse he had to return to his village to seek traditional medicine. He sold almost all of his properties and belongings ( ehen, na wetin den want make e happen be that...Ha!!! Village People...God pass una)

People around mocks him saying he is cursed, others say a spell was cast on him ( all these ones na blind people...They are blind to see Village People at Work here).

According to him, he said he wishes to remarry so that the woman will take care of him and his children. He recounts that his mother has been taking care of him since the death of his wife and she has done enough.

When he was asked how he will perform his conjugal duties to his wife, he said he will make her understand from the onset his condition then tell her to choose any of her inlaws to be performing his conjugal rights for him to satisfy the woman (This one na the part two of the work of Village People. Dry bones shall rise again, no be for person wey don samankwe - Village People I hail oooo)

What a world!!!


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