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Three Times African Mothers Married, Made Love With Their Sons

Regardless of what you choose to believe, incest is real and might be happening in your neighbour's house or an apartment down the street! In fact, you can't argue that it is a 'Western World something' after reading how some African women married/made love with their sons.

1. Mrs. Veronica Iorshe:

In August 2018, a 47-year-old - Mrs. Veronica Iorshe from Benue state confessed to sleeping with her biological son who she eventually became pregnant for. Giving reasons behind the incestuous act, Mrs Iorshe admitted that she only slept with her first son from a previous marriage in order to give her second husband a child. Sadly, the husband refused to accept responsibility for the pregnancy and drove her away from their matrimonial home.

2. Betty Mbereko:

Many were shocked in 2014 after reading the story of a widowed Zimbabwean Woman - Betty Mbereko who married her son when she was six months pregnant for him. Explaining why she carried out the unpopular act, Betty said she did not want to marry her late husband's younger brothers who were interested in her. On his part, the son expressed delights about his 'upgraded' relationship with Betty, noting that he would strive to clear off the bride price balance which his dad was not able to complete paying before his demise.

3. Memory Njemani:

Definitely not the least shocking is the story of a Malawian woman - Memory Njemani who married her 30-year-old biological son. Hers was a case of 'make baboon no chop monkey food' as she revealed that she had spent a lot on his education and wouldn't be happy to see another woman enjoy her investment.


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