The world is at it again. Will there ever be an end to the litany of evil perpetrated by men. Just imagine at this time where we are all together as one, fighting a common enemy, this teacher was busy destroying a little girl's life - committing the unspeakable. What a pity!

Emerging from social media, the reporter of the post said; “I was going through my whatsapp and a lady who’s name was not disclosed shared a video on biochemistry group chat of how a little girl is been abused by a man who is said to be her home lesson teacher in his room.”

See the screenshot and the video of the unspeakable act! BELOW

Reacting to this some people gave their VERDICT:

Okams said "may this man never know peace even inside the grave. What are you saying? Is it not someone that thought her? Do u know how long this man have subjected her to this? Nothing justifies this man".

She does not know what she's doing at that age, and why in God's name will a man subject an innocent little girl to such act? This is outrageous! Life imprisonment is minimal! This is wickedness at it's highest order! Just how could this be? I definitely do hate pedophiles more now!

"May God control what kids watch these days and all been said, that Paedophile deserve to die, Mike's opinion as he vents even more; "I think parents should pay attention to their children and stop being only concerned about their careers". PAY REAL ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILDREN.

Praise expressed her disgust and said that there's no justification whatsoever to this paedophilic act. "Sure this is not the first time, and going by the photo, the girl seems to have mastered the act so well - it's definitely not her fault and one cannot actually tell the degree of threat from this man. As a minor, she would have had no option".

From all of us at BOOMPRESS, we are specially appealing to Parents to look after their children squarely. Parents, know where your children goes. If it's possible, always let them be around you. Ward off too much close contacts with them and always put close eyes on them. The world is indeed not save anymore. Children Must Be Protected.


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