How To Get a Girl to Like You Really Fast - The Complete List

See How To Get a Girl to Like You Really Fast With Simple But Cultured Tricks

1. Nice clothing

2. Don't Start as a potential friend

3. You shouldn’t be all over her

4. Let her see that other girls appreciate you

5. Always show bravery

6. Good fitness

7. Be proud of your masculinity

8. Be a challenge

9. Leave some mystery-Don’t let her be certain about your intentions

10. Don’t always answer her texts right away.

11. Leave some doubt

12. Don’t make her your priority

13. Don’t complain so often

14. Lead

15. Master something

16. Be playful

17. Don’t brag about yourself

18. Make it about her

19. Give her a deep look sometimes

20. Touch her

21. Compliment her

22. Make projections

23. Smile (but not always)

24. Show social intelligence

25. Make your move

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