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A 30 year old man has died after Covid19 Party
Man dies after attending Covid19 party

Man, 30, Dies After Attending a 'so called' Covid19 Party

A man has died after attending a Covid19 Party in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The death of the unidentified man who died from Covid19 complications after attending a party tagged as the 'Covid19 Party', is making round on the internet. 

In his final words, he said, "I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it's not." The 30-year old patient died at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio this week after attending a so-called 'Covid19 Party.'

The unidentified patient had told nurses in the hospital about the party, which she said is hosted by someone diagnosed with coronavirus.

This is a wake up call to Nigerian youths who still think the Covid19 disease is a hoax. As the cases in Nigeria increases daily, more youths are likely to be affected as it is the case right now in San Antonio, USA. 

The Covid19 virus is real. Its in fact getting more real now than before - please be warned. This is not to scare you, but to make sure that you understand the implications of negligence and to make sure that you really know that the Covid19 virus does not discriminate - it can affect anyone no matter the age. While some can be treated and discharged, others fall seriously ill. You don't know the category you fall into, so stay clear of public places, use your facemask always and stay at home as much as possible.

Please share this article for people to be notified. The Covid19 Virus is real and Youths are the most vulnerable now because of negligence.

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