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Living a good, fulfilled and love-filled life should be the purpose of human existence. We believe here at BOOMPRESS VERIFIED TRUTH that everyone has got the potential to create big-screen tales; Yes, a Happy-Ever-After Love Story.

We believe that everyone can live each day with an attitude of will and purpose. Though through the storms of life sometimes, we recommend the ultimate goal of living a life of positive influence, better interactions, and bonded relationships. We believe at BOOMPRESS VERIFIED TRUTH that everyone can overcome relationships-life issues by understanding the essence of existence through the Eyes of Love

'People say love sometimes could be chaotic and confusing' - well, that depends on how one chooses to interpret it. Here at BOOMPRESS VERIFIED TRUTH, we believe that love is pure. Love is peace. Love is all that we need and the only thing that could change, mend, heal, and make this world a better place for us. Love is not chaotic if the rules of giving and taking abide in us. Love is mutual and of course the only thing we can truly hold on to. 

Love is what defines us and love is how our existence is measured. Love is the only thing that truly matters because love is actually the first and the last thing. 

We have all had our share of experiences and relationships struggles at some point in our lives, but what about those who despite these struggles and doubts were able to sustain their relationships and calm all storms! 

You too can overcome relationships-life issues now. This is why we are here to help.

This website isn't just about being a showroom for relationships-Life articles; rather, this website is also built because of you. We are here to help you with more - bits of advice, guidance, tips, and prayers in order for you to excel in your relationships and in all aspects of your life. 

If you ever find yourself stuck, confused, perplexed, quitting, or trying hard to cope with relationships and getting around love issues, then this is the place for you and you are most definitely guaranteed to succeed at love.

If you decide to reach us directly, through chat, calling our phone lines, emailing, or by using our contact form below, you rest assured that our conversation with you is private and confidential.

Our mission is to confront those relationships-life issues by contributing our quota through moulding, mending, rejuvenating, and helping each and every one of our audience understand the concept and essence of love - living a fulfilled life and enjoying better connections, interactions and relationships.

We envisage a world filled with true love - a world of genuine relationships, wellness, peace, and stability in families and individuals.

We dedicate a lot of energy in bringing to you real-world and inspiring contents and services. Every content in here is well researched, reviewed, and cross-checked for obtainable real-life, real-time, and real-world results. From time to time we hold insightful conversations with relationship experts, marriage counselors, and medical practitioners to obtain practicable tips and advice for you because BOOMPRESS VERIFIED TRUTH is actually about you. From our blog articles - everything is tailored with you first in mind.

BOOMPRESS VERIFIED TRUTH aspires to become a leading brand in the relationship niche blogging in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond. We hope to be able to help millions of people, individuals and families overcome relationship-life issues. You too can help spread the message by sharing our services and articles with friends and families and on social media.


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